The History of Underclothes. 

Willett Cunnington, C., Ph. Cunnington. 

Paperback. 272 pp. Very richly illustrated. Dover publications 1992. 

Fascinating survey of various undergarments worn by the English over six centuries. Well-documented, scholarly presentation enhanced with over 100 period illustrations depicting laced-up bodice of the 12th century, embroidered linen drawers (1500s), hooped petticoat support (c. 1750), footed long drawers (1795), 19th-century bustles, early 19th-century corsets for men, Victorian "bust improvers," much more.

Reprint of the Michael Joseph Ltd., London, 1951 edition.

 I.      Medieval Period.
II.     1485-1625
III.    1626-1710
IV.    1711-1790
V.     1791-1820
VI.    1821-1840
VII.   1841-1856
VIII.  1857-1866
IX.    1867-1882
X.     1883-1896
XI.    1897-1908
XII.   1909-1918
XIII.  1919-1939
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