Romans / Romeinen.

Heijden van der, J. Oorthuys, S. Verstraaten.

Hardcover. 200 pp. Very richly illustrated by Stef Verstraaten. Text in English and in Dutch. Tekst in het Nederlands en in het Engels. Vantilt/Fragma 2012.

The Romans have left their mark on the history of North-West Europe. But what did they really look like? What did they wear? How did a common Roman appear in everyday life? We do not really know this as Roman visual art (murals, images in relief, busts and statues) represented mainly mythological figures and members of the elite.
Reenactors offer a key to this question as they bring into practice archaeological and historical research into Roman clothing and equipment. Over the past few years, Stef Verstraaten photographed reenactors, complete with their weaponry, religious attributes and everyday objects. Before his camera, history comes alive, colourful and razor sharp right down to the minutest detail. Romans shows a unique collection of images of Romans in all their variations.
Get to know the Roman legionaries, troops, officers, civilians and slaves in our first centuries ad from close up in this coffee table sized book.
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