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A Kaleidoscope of Gathering at Keimsmerbrug (the Netherlands).

Smit, B., O. Brinkkemper, J. Kleijne, R. Lauwerier, E. Theunissen (eds).

Hardcover, 266 pp., Richly illustrated, Nederlandse Archeologische Rapporten 043,
RCE 2012

With contributions of:
S. Beckerman, D. Brinkhuizen, V. Garcia Diaz, L. kubiak-Martens, G. Nobles, T. Oudemans, J. Peeters, B. Smit, H. Van Haaster, J. Zeiler, O. Brinkkemper, . J. Kleijne, R. Lauwerier, E. Theunissen, D. Raemaekers, A. Van Gijn,.

The analysis of the Keinsmerbrug site, excavated in 1986, was the first step in our research as part of the Odyssey project entitled ‘Unlocking Noord-Holland’s Late Neolithic Treasure Chest: Single Grave Culture behavioural variability in a tidal environment’. The unpublished data available suggested Keinsmerbrug was a small site lacking clear structures.
The limited scale of the excavation (area approx. 300 m2, excavated in a single campaign) made this site the obvious choice as a test case for the approach to be adopted in the Single Grave Culture project. A group of specialists worked together to unlock and integrate cultural/ecological information and research data.
The analysis show that Keinsmerbrug was a temporarily occupied settlement used occasionally or perhaps even only seasonally within the time span of 2580-2450 cal BC.

This scientific report is intended for archaeologists, as well as for other professionals and amateur enthusiasts involved in archaeology.
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