Bearsden: The story of a Roman Fort 

Breeze, D.J. 

Paperback. 124 pp. Very richly illustrated. Archaeopress 2016. 

Archaeological excavations at the Roman Fort on the Antonine Wall (Scotland).
This Roman fort at Bearsden and its annexe, together with areas beyond its defences, were extensively excavated from 1973 to 1982. The report on these excavations was published in 2016. This ‘popular’ account of the discoveries looks at the material recovered from the site in a different way, examining the process of archaeological excavation, the life of the soldiers at the fort based on the results of the excavation as well as material from elsewhere in the Roman Empire, the presentation and interpretation of the bath-house and latrine, and a discussion of possible future work arising out of the excavation. The excavation report was well illustrated with reconstruction drawings and the process of creating these is also discussed. 

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