Magoúla Pavlína. A Middle Bronze Age Site in the Soúrpi Plain Thessalía, Greece).

Wiersma, C.W. et al.

Hardcover, 192 pp. Richly illustrated. Barkhuis 2016.

Magóula Pavlína is located in the Soúrpi plain in Thessalía. The site was inhabited during the Early and Middle Bronze Age. A survey at the site was carried out in 1996 after the field was ploughed for the first time. The recovery of tableware – including many fragments of Grey Minyan – grinding and pounding tools, saddle querns and animal remains show that Magoúla Pavlína was not a temporary site for special activities, but a permanent settlement. Even though these artefacts and the animal remains are from a non-stratified context, this publication of the material is of importance, as relatively little is known of this period in Thessalía, especially compared to southern Greece.
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