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Fighting Ships of the Far East (2). Japan and Korea AD 612–1639.

Turnbull, S.

Paperback. 48 pp. Very richly illustrated by W. Reynolds. New Vanguard 63. Osprey 2003.

Over the centuries, naval relations between Japan and Korea appear to have alternated between peaceful trade and outright hostility.
However, this impression can be misleading, as much of what passed for mercantile activity was in fact conducted by Japanese pirate fleets, who pillaged the coasts of Korea and China in a long-lasting tradition that culminated in the greatest pirate raid of all: Hideyoshi's invasion of Korea in 1592.
This was the conflict that involved Ming China and almost dragged in Siam.
It also led to Korea developing East Asia's most famous warship: the legendary turtle ship, which is described for the first time in full technical detail in this book.

Introduction ·
Fighting Ships and Naval Warfare in Japan and Korea ·
Techniques and Types of Korean Ships and Shipbuilding ·
Korean Shipboard Armaments ·
Korean Fighting Ships in Action ·
Techniques and Types of Japanese Ships and Shipbuilding ·
Japanese Shipboard Armaments ·
Japanese Fighting Ships in Action.
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