Writing Antiques.

Mell, G.

Paperback. 32 pp. Richly illustrated in b/w. Shire Labrary 54. Shire 2005.

Writing antiques have great charm and historic interest.
When quill pens began to be superseded by steel nibs and penholders these were rapidly manufactured in true Victorian fashion, in numerous shapes, sizes and materials.
Stamps, first issued in 1840, were stored in special stamp boxes. There were inkwells of every size and shape for desk, pocket, writing box or inkstand, and beautifully decorated folders for blotting paper replaced the old pounce pots of pumice for drying writing.
This book describes and illustrates many of the writing antiques available, from magnificent inkstands to simple penwipers and ink bottles, and aims to help the collector identify and assess those he may find.

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