Dyes from Nature. 

Räisänen, R. ao. 

Hardback. 290 pp. Very richly illustrated. Publications Ltd and Maahenki Oy 2016. 

A chemical and botanical investigation into dyes from natural sources used through history This book explores the many uses and the environmentally safe application of natural dye From plants to insects, natural dyes have been used since before recorded history. This book examines the possibilities offered by natural dyes, such as staining and fabric patterning. This work focuses on the sources of dyes that can grow wild in Finland, or are suitable for cultivation in the southern regions. The reader is presented with color dyes from different sources and provides guidance for dyeing and textile painting. Traditionally connected to small-scale craftsmanship, natural dyes can now can take advantage of industrial-scale production. This book discusses the wide range of natural properties of dyes substances, as well as their environmental friendliness and UV protection."
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