The Saint-Servatius complex in Maastricht. 
The Vrijthof excavations (1969-1970). 

Theuws, F., M. Kars (eds). 

Hardcover. 608 pp. Richly illustrated. Merovingian Archaeology in the Low Countries 4. Rudolf Habelt 2017. 

Roman infrastructure - Merovingian cemetery.
Carolingian cemetery - early town development.
Catalogue of contexts and finds.

  • The archaeology and history of the Saint-Servatiius complex in Maastricht (up to c. 1050).
  • Archaeological observations and excavations in and around the Vrijthof square in Maastricht: a review.
  • The vrijthof excavations 1969-1970: perceptions, politics, practices and problems.
  • The documentation and methods of analyses of the Vrijthof archaeological data.
  • The stratigraphic sequence and history of depositions on the Vrijthof square.
  • The Vrijthof cemeteries: their limits, state of preservation an estimated size.
  • Grave structures and theis analysis: theorethical and methodological considerations.
  • Inhumations: burial pits, grave constructions and disarticulate human remains.
  • The typo-chronological analysis of grave goods: methodology.
  • Finds.
  • The topo-chronological development of Merovingian cemetery 4 on the Vrijthof square.
  • The Carolingian cemetery 5.
  • Burial practices: overview of general and specific practices on the Vrijthof cemetery.
  • The Vrijthof square area and the early development of Maastricht as a town.
  • A catalogue of contexts and finds.

With contributions by: 
Chr. Brandenburgh, 
L. Wersch,
R. Panhuysen, 
F. Theuws, 
L. Smits, 
M Kars, 
D. Smal,  
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