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The European Community in later Prehistory
Studies in honour of C.F.C. Hawkes
J. Boardman, M.A. Brown, T.G.E. Powell (eds)

Hardcover, stofomslag. 294 pp. Geillustreerd. Routledge & Kegan Paul 1971
ISBN 0710069405

Onderwerp: Geschiedenis / Archeologie
Omschrijving: staat: In goede staat.
1 From Bronze Age to Iron Age
2 The first European body-armour,
3 Kaineus: a further link between the Mycenaean and the Greek worlds
4 Some remarks on 'Perschiera' bronzes in Hungary,
5 Openwork ' bird-cage' bronze,
6 Late Bronze and Early Iron in the valley of the Ebro,
7 A southern view of Situla Art,
8 The construction of the felloe in the Iron Age spoked wheels,
9 The Waldalgesheim Master,
10 From Urartu to Gundestrup: the agency of Thracien metal-work,
11 Tribes and archaeologal groupings of the La Tene period in Belgium: some observations,
12 Firedogs in Iron Age Britain and byond.
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