Bierma, M. ea (red)

Hardback,289 pp. Richly illustrated. Balkema 1985.
  • DICK STAPERT. A Middle Paleolithic artefact scatter, and a few younger finds, from near Mander NW of Ootmarsum (Province of Overijssel, the Netherlands). pp. 1-35
  • M.W. VAN DEN BERG & C. DEN OTTER. Geology and morphology of a part of the Ootmarsum ice-pushed ridge. pp. 35-41
  • DICK STAPERT. A hand-axe made of hälleflinta found at Anreep, near Assen (Province of Drente, the Netherlands). pp. 41-53
  • DICK STAPERT. A site of the Hamburg tradition with a constructed hearth near Oldeholtwolde (Province of Friesland, the Netherlands); first report. pp. 53-91
  • H. FOKKENS. Late Neolithic occupation near Bornwird (Province of Friesland). pp. 91-115
  • W.A. CASPARIE. The Neolithic wooden trackway XXI (Bou) in the raised bog at Nieuw-Dordrecht (the Netherlands). pp. 115-165
  • W. VAN ZEIST & J.A.H. BAKKER-HEERES. Archaeobotanical studies in the Levant. I. Neolithic sites in the Damascus basin: Aswad, Ghoraifé, Ramad. pp. 165-257
  • S. BOTTEMA. Palynological investigations in Greece with special reference to pollen as an indicator of human activity. pp. 257-289.
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