Bierma, M. ea (red)

Hardcover 216 pp. Richly illustrated.A.A. Balkema 1986
  • A.T. CLASON. A.E. Van Giffen as archaeozoologist. Pp. 1-6.
  • Dick C. Brinkhuizen. Some notes on recent and pre- and protohistoric fishing gear from Northwestern Europe. Pp. 7-54.
  • Jan Willem Eggink. The molluscs of the dwelling mound Gomolava, Yugoslavia. An environmental investigation on and near Gomolava. Pp. 55-76.
  • A.T. Clason. Spoolde. Worked and unworked antlers and bone tools from Spoolde, De Gaste, the IJsselmeerpolders and adjacent areas. Pp. 77-130.
  • H. Buitenhuis. The animal remains of Tell Sweyhat, Syria. Pp. 131-144.
  • Egge Knol. Farming on the banks of the river Aa. The faunal remains and bone objects of Paddepoel 200 B.C.-250 A.D. Pp. 145-182.
  • R.C.G.M. Lauwerier. A meal for the dead. Animal bone finds in Roman graves. Pp. 183-194.
  • W. Prummel. Medieval horses from Utrecht (Jan Meijenstraat). Pp. 195-210.
  • A.T. Clason. The zoological reference collection of the Biologische-Archaeologisch Instituut in Groningen. Pp. 211-217
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