Richly illustrated, michrofiche & 2 folded tables in rear pocket. Hardbound. V & 316 pp.
D. STAPERT. A small Creswellian site at Emmerhout (province of Drenthe, the Netherlands). pp. 1-66
E. KRAMER, P. HOUTSMA & J. SCHILSTRA. The Creswellian site Siegerswoude II (gemeente Opsterland, province of Friesland, the Netherlands). pp. 67-88
L.G. STRAUS. Chronostratigraphy of the Pleistocene/Holocene boundary: the Azilian problem in the Franco-Cantabrian region. pp. 89-122
R.R. NEWELL & T.S. CONSTANDSE-WESTERMANN. Reflections on the transition from the Late Palaeolithic to the Mesolithic in Western Europe. pp. 123-128
L.G. STRAUS. Further reflections on the Azilian. A reply to Newell & Constandse-Westermann. pp. 129-130
P.H. DECKERS. Coded culture. Studies in Neolithic flint. Part I: Constructing the descriptive system. pp. 131-184
S.W. JAGER. A prehistoric route and ancient card-tracks in the gemeente of Anloo (province of Drenthe). pp. 185-246
W. VAN ZEIST & J.A.H. BAKKER HEERES. Archaeobotanical studies in the Levant. 4. Bronze Age sites on the North Syrian Euphrates. pp. 247-316
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