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Bierma, M. ea (red)
Hardcover. 264 pp. Richly illustrated. A.A. Balkema 1989
  • G.-J. BARTSTRA. Late Homo erectus or Ngandong man of Java. pp. 1-9
  • J.J. BUTLER. Bronze Age connections: France and the Netherlands. 9-35
  • W.A. CASPARIE. Bog trackways in the Netherlands. pp. 35-67
  • A.T. CLASON. Late Pleistocene/Holocene hunter-gatherers of Sulawesi. pp. 67-77
  • W.H.E. GREMMEN. Palynological evidence from Quaternary sediments in Southeast Asia, a review. pp. 77-85
  • H.A. GROENENDIJK. Mesolithic hearth-pits in the Veenkoloniën (prov. Groningen, the Netherlands), defining a specific use of fire in the Mesolithic. pp. 85-103
  • O.H. HARSEMA. Change and continuity in rural settlement in Drenthe from the Neolithic onwards: a reconsideration of traditional and current opinions. pp. 103-119
  • A.M.P. KERSTEN. Age and sex composition of Epipalaeolithic fallow deer and wild goat from Ksar 'Akil. pp. 119-133
  • P.B. KOOI, G. DELGER & K. KLAASSENS. A chieftain's residence at Peelo: a preliminary report on the 1987 excavations. pp. 133-145
  • G.J. DE LANGEN. Leeuwarden and trade between c. 800 and 1200 AD. pp. 145-169
  • E. MOOK-KAMPS & S. BOTTEMA. Palynological investigations in the northern Netherlands (the Drenthe Plateau). pp. 169-173
  • J. VAN DER PLICHT & W.G. MOOK. Automatic radiocarbon calibration: illustrative examples. pp. 173-183 W. PRUMMEL. Poultry and fowling at the Roman castellum Velsen I. pp. 183-203
  • J.J. ROODENBERG. Ilipinar in the prehistory of Northwest Anatolia. pp. 203-211
  • J. SCHELVIS. Some aspects of research on mites (Acari) in archaeological samples. pp. 211-219 D. STAPERT. A. progress report on the Rhenen industry (Central Netherlands) and its stratigraphical context. pp. 219-245
  • J. ZEILER. Exploitation of fur animals in Neolithic Swifterbant and Hazendonk (Central and western Netherlands). pp. 245-263
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