Bierma, M. ea (red)
Hardcover 166 pp. Richly illustrated. A.A. Balkema 1990.
  • D. STAPERT & H.J. VEENSTRA. The section at Usselo; Brief description, grain-size distributions, and some remarks on the archaeology. pp. 1-28
  • BERT HUISKES. Tietjerk-Lytse Geast I: A reconstruction of a Mesolithic site from an anthropological perspective. pp. 29-62
  • J.A. BAKKER. A list of the extant and formerly present hunebedden in the Netherlands. pp. 63-72
  • D.J. DE GROOT. Hunebed D9 at Annen (gemeente Anlo, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands). pp. 73-108
  • J.J. BUTLER & J.W.H. HOGESTIJN. The Tollebeek spearhead. pp. 109-124
  • S.M. VAN GELDER-OTTWAY. Animal bones from a pre-Roman Iron Age coastal marsh site near Middelstum (province of Groningen, the Netherlands). pp. 125-144
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