Richly illustrated. Hardbound. V & 193 pp.
DICK STAPERT. A site of the Hamburg tradition on the wadden island of Texel (province of North-Holland, Netherlands). pp. 1-29
W.A. CASPARIE & M.W. TER WEE. Een-Schipsloot - The geological-palynological investigation of a Tjonger site. pp. 29-45
P. HOUTSMA, J.J. ROODENBERG & J. SCHILSTRA. A site of the Tjonger tradition along the Schipsloot at Een (gemeente of Norg, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands). pp. 45-75
T. DOUGLAS PRICE. Swifterbant, Oost Flevoland, Netherlands: Excavations at the river dune sites, S21-S24, 1976. Final reports on Swifterbant III. pp. 75-105
WILLEM VAN ZEIST & RITA M. PALFENIER-VEGTER. Seeds and fruits from the Swifterbant S3 site. Final reports on Swifterbant IV. pp. 105-169
WILLEM VAN ZEIST. Plant remains from Iron Age Noordbarge, province of Drenthe, the Netherlands. pp. 169-193
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