The Merovingian cemetary of Bergeijk-Fazantlaan. 

Thews, F.C.W.J., M. van Haperen. 

Harde kaft. 303 pp. Geïllustreerd,  (Merovingian Archaeol. in the Low Countries, 1Habert-Verlag 2002. 

With contributions by: 
Chr. Brandenburg,
R. Panhuysen, 
S. van Lith,
L. Smits, 

The environmental and societal context of the Merovingian cemetery of Bergeijk. 
Frans Theuws. 

The excavation and post-excavation activities. 
Martine van Haperen, Frans Theuws. 

Inhumations : burial pits and grave constructions. 
Martine van Haperen. 

Inhumation graves : post-depositional interventions. 
Martine van Haperen. 

Other possible Merovingian contexts in the cemetery. 
Martine van Haperen. 

Grave finds. 
Frans Theuws, with a contribution by Sophia van Lith.  

The textiles from the cemetery of Bergeijk. 
Chrystel Brandenburgh.  

Human remains, body silhouettes and container lengths from the cemetery in Bergeijk. 
Raphael Panhuysen. 

The chronology of individual graves and the chronological structure of the cemetery. 
Frans Theuws, Martine van Haperen. 

Prehistoric remains and post-Merovingian features. 
Frans Theuws, Martine van Haperen. 

The topography of the cemetery and the 'history' of the burial community. 
Frans Theuws, Martine van Haperen.  

Aspects of the burial rituals. 
Frans Theuws, Martine van Haperen. 

Consecutive mortuary practices. 
Martine van Haperen. 

A world of connections and peasant agency. 
Frans Theuws  

A catalogue of excavated contexts and finds. 
Martine van Haperen, Frans Theuws. 

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