The Merovingian cemeteries of Sittard-Kemperkoul, Obbicht-Oude Molen and Stein-Groote Bongerd. 

Kars, M., Theuws, M. de Haas. 

Hardcover.506 pp. (Merovingian Archaeol. in the Low Countries, 3) Illustrated Habelt- Verlag 2016. 

Preface p.6

1.The archaeology and histpru pf the Saint-Servatius complex in Maastricht (up to c 1050) contexts, questions, perspectives and oproblems. Frans Theuws p. 10.
2. Archaeological observations and excavations in and around the Vrijthof square in Maastricht. a review. Titus Panhuysen. p. 48.
3. The Vrijsthof excavations  1969-1970: perceptions, politics, practices and problems. Frans Theuws. p. 64.
4. The documentation and methods of analyses of the Vrijthof archaeological data. Frans Theuws/Mirjam Kars (with contributions by Menno Dijkstra). p 88.
5. The stratigraphique sequence and history of depositions on the Vrijthof square. Frans Theuws/Menno Dijkstra. p. 98.
6. The Vrijthof cemeteries: their limits, state of preservation and estimated size. Frans Theuws p. 156.
7. Grave structures and their analysis: theoretical and methodological considerations. Diewertje Smal p. 172.
8. Inhumations: burial pits, grave constructions and disarticulate human remains. Frans Theuws p. 186.
9. The typo-chronological analysis of the grave goods: methodology. Mirjam Kars. p. 204.
10. Finds. Mirjam Kars (with contributions by Christel Brandenburgh and Line van Wersch) p. 218.
11. The typo-chronological development of Merovingian cemetery 4 on the Vrijthof square. Mirjam Kars/Frans Theuws p. 328.
12. The Carolingian cemetery 5. Frans Theuws/Mirjam Kars. p. 354
13. Burial practises: overview of general and specific practices on the Vrijthof cemetery. Mirjam Kars/Frans Theuws. p 364.
14. The Vrijthof square area and the early development of Maastricht as a town. Frans Theuws p. 388.

Fart 2
15. A catalogue of contexts and finds. Frans Theuws and Diewertje Smal (contexts)/Mirjam Kars (finds)/Raphael Panhuysen and Liesbeth Smits (osteoarcaheology) p. 414.
Appedices p. 572
Abbrevations p. 591.
Bibliography p. 592.

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