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Roads in Roman Britain

H. Davies

Paperback. 192 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Tempus/The History Press 2008. 
There has been a strong interest in Roman roads in Britain for centuries and a vast amount of information has been accumulated from observation and excavation. For the first time this new study analyses the data systematically and evaluates it from a highway engineering viewpoint. Hugh Davies not only provides an up-to-date account of the road system built by the Romans in Britain, he examines whether this information matches up with what we would expect of a transport system. Looking at the construction of the roads - their width, surface and drainage - as well as at their number, the author concludes that the Romans did indeed provide a high-quality service suited to the needs of civilians and soldiers alike. At the same time his study shows how the development of the road system fitted in with the layout of town plans and with the overall expansion of the province; on the whole the early military roads were constructed of lighter materials and by the end of the Roman period as many as ten layers of road surface can on occasions be detected. This accessible work, which includes a Gazetteer of some 400 Roman roads, will be welcomed by anyone interested in the Romans in Britain.
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