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The Shakespeare Cookbook

Andrew Dalby and Maureen Dalby

Stijve kaft. 144 pp.  Very richly illustrated. British Museum Press 2012.

 Shakespeare's working life, from about 1590 to 1615, was not only a period of rich activity on the London stage, but also one of prolific writing and publishing about food. Shakespeare himself used food in many of his plays: from memorable banquet scenes, to the use of food and feasting as metaphor. This fascinating book explores the plays alongside contemporary recipes to offer modern‐day cooks a unique insight into daily life and gastronomy in Shakespeare's London.

A beautifully illustrated cookbook revealing what people were really eating in Shakespeare's time, featuring fifty original menus and recipes from 16th‐ and 17th‐century cookbooks, alongside food‐related quotes from Shakespeare's canon. Including fully‐tested modern day adaptations of all fifty recipes, this is an excellent resource for all those interested in history, cookery, literature and a wider approach to the world of Shakespeare.

Dalby, A., M. Dalby.
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