Leahy, K. 

Paperback. 206 pp. Richly illustrated in b/w and 14 coloured illustrations. Tempus 2003.

The art and craftmanship of the Anglo-Saxons has been much admired, but this is the first book to look closely at the background to the skilful work and the techniques involved in its creation.
The author covers the way in which the objects were made, as well as the materials and tools used in the process  - all of which are shown in detailed drawings. Objects explored in this study include brooches, swords, woven materials adn buildings, many of which are superbly illustrated in colour.
Kevein Leahy is currently Principal Keeper for Archaeology and natural Science at the North Lincolnshire Museum. He has published many articles on both the Anglo-Saxon and Vikings periods and this is his first full-length book.
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