Silver Economies, Monetisation and Society in Scandinavia, AD 800-1100  

Graham-Campbell, J., ao (eds)  

Hardcover. 380pp. Illustrated. Aarhus UP 2011. 

With contributions of:

M. Andersen, E. Roesdahl, M. Sindbaek, G. Williams, D. Skre, S.H. Gullbekk, S. Coupland, M. Bogucki, A. Pedersen, J. Askjem, C. von Heijne, V. Hilberg, I. Gustin, K. Jonsson, Ch. Kilger, B. Hardh, J.Ch. Moesgaard, E. Wamers, M. Östergren.

  • Foreword.
  • Introduction, Mark Blackburn: an Appreciation.
  • 'Silver Economies' and the Ninth-Century Background.
  • Silver Economies and Social ties: long-Distance Interaction,
  • Long-term Investments - and why the Viking Age happened.
  • Commodity Money, Silver and Coinage in Viking-Age Skcandinavia.
  • Norway:Commodity Money, Silver and Coins.
  • Raiders, Traders, Worshippers and Settlers:The Continental Perspective.
  • The Use of Money in the Slavic lands from the ninth to the Eleventh Century:
  • The Archaeological/Numismatic Evidence.
  • Jewelry in Hoardsin Southern Scandinavia.
  • The Viking-Age Silver Hoards from Eastern Norway.
  • Viking-Age Coin Finds from South Scandinavia.
  • Silver Economies of theNinth and Tenth Centuries AD.
  • Coin Stock and Coin Cirulation in Birka.Sweden in the Tenth Century: a Monetary Economy?
  • Hack-Silver, Weights and Coinage: the Anglo-Scandinavian Bullion Coinages and their Use in the Late Viking-Age
  • Society.Viking_Age Silver from Hoards and Cultural Layers.
  • The Grisebjerggard Hoard and the Beginning of Pecking in Scandinavia.
  • The Duesminde Hoard.
  • The Spillings Hoard(s).Silver Economies,
  • Monetisation and Society: an Overview.
  • Index
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