In discussion with the past:
archaeological studies presented to W.A. van Es

Sarfatij, H., W.J.H. Verwers, P.J. Woltering (eds) 

Hardcover. 347 pp.  Illustrated. SPA uitgevers 1999 

Studies in honour of W.A. van Es. With contributions mostly about prehistory, Roman Time and Middle Ages.


Bakker, J.A.
Two Drawings of Stonehenge from 1662 by Willem Schellinks 9 - 22
Heeringen, R.M. van / Velde, H.M. van der
Delta Talk: An Early Bronze Age House Plan and Field System in the Coastal Dunes near Noordwijk 23 - 34
Clason, A.T.
What’s New in the Bronze Age? The Livestock and Gamebag of the Bronze Age Farmers in the Western and Central Netherlands 35 – 40
Hulst, R.S.
Geldermalsen: an Early La Tène Cemetery – Diffusion or Convergency 41 - 50
Boersma, Joh. S.
To Wim van Es 51 – 56
Kleibrink, M.
Archaeo-Gemmology 57 – 64
Peters, W.J.Th. / Gerhartl-Witteveen, A.S.
Nemora tonsilia. Topiary in Roman Antiquity 65 – 76
Verlinde, A.D.
Isolated Houses in Overijssel during the Transition from Prehistory to Protohistory 77 - 86
Boersma, J.W.
Back to the Roots of Ezinge 87 – 96
Schmid, P. / Schuster, J.
Dating the Early Layers of the Wurt-settlement Feddersen Wierde 97 – 106
Waterbolk, H.T.
From Wijster to Dorestad and Beyond 107 – 118
Hamerow, H.
Anglo-Saxon Timber Buildings: the Continental Connection 119 – 128
Zimmermann, W.H.
Favourable Conditions for Cattle Farming, one Reaseon for the Anglo-Saxon Migration over the North Sea? About the Byre’s Evolution in the Area South and East of the North Sea and England. 129 – 144
Wynia, S.L.
Caius was here. The Emperor Caius’ Preparations for the Invasion of Britannia: New Epigraphic Evidence 145 – 148
Hessing, W.A.M.
Building Programmes for the Lower Rhine Limes. The Impact of the Visits of Trajan and Hadrian to the Lower Rhine 149 – 156
Brulet, R. / Laduron, D. / Misonne, B.
Fingerprinting and Technological Approach of Late Samian Ware from Argonne and Northwestern Gaul 157 – 166
Werff, J.H. van der
A Painted Inscription from Batavodurum (Nijmegen) 167 – 172
Woltering, P.J.
Roman Panpipes from Uitgeest, the Netherlands 173 – 186
Doorselaer, A. van / Opsteyn, L.
Saxon Unurned Pyre-Rest Graves at the Zwijvekekouter at Dendermonder (Prov. East-Flanders, Belgium) 187 – 194
Taayke, E.
The Smell of Higher Nectar 195 – 204
Prummel, W.
Animals as Grave Gifts in the Early Medieval Cremation Ritual in the North of the Netherlands 205 – 212
Knol, E. / Bardet, X.
Carollingian Weapons from the Cemetery of Godlinze, the Netherlands 213 – 226
Hodges, R.
Dark Age Economics Revisited. W.A. van Es and the End of the Mercantile Model in Early Medieval Europe 227 – 232
Lebecq, S.
Long Distance Merchants and the Forms of their Ventures at the Time of the Dorestad Heyday 233 – 238
Ambrosiana, B.
Birka and Dorestad 239 – 242
Verwers, W.J.H. / Botman, A.E.
Absolute Dating of Early Medieval Wells in Wijk bij Duurstede 243 – 252
Besteman, J.C.
Viking Silver on Wieringen. A Vinking Age Silver Hoard from Westerklief on the Former Isle of Wieringen (Province of North Holland) in the Light of the Viking Relations with Frisia 253 – 266
Sarfatij, H.
Tiel in Succession to Dorestad. Archaeology in a 10th- to 11th-Century Commercial Centre in the Central River Area of the Netherlands 267 – 278
Buurman, J.
Plant Remains from an Early Medieval Site at Schagen, the Netherlands 279 – 290
Doesburg, J. van / Botman, A.E.
Werkhoven: not to be Spurned. Indications of Domanial Structures in the Dutch Central River Area 291 – 300
Zeist, W. van
Cultivated and Wild Fruits and Nuts in 14th- to Early 19th-Century Groningen 301 – 308
Miedema, M.
Special Terpen in the Province of Groningen 309 – 316
Bloemers, J.H.F.
Regional Research Approach since the Early 70s in the Netherlands. A Fundamental Decision with Long-term Effects 317 – 328
Deeben, J.H.C. / Hallewas, D.P.
‘Star Monuments’ in Retrospect and the Future. Scaling-up in Archaeological Heritage Management 329 – 334
Brongers, J.A.
The Priest in the Computer: an Amersfoort Historical Source Hacked 335 – 342
Mank, W.C.
The Writings by W.A. van Es 343 - 346
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