Roman material culture - Studies in honour of Jan Thijssen

Enckevort, van H. (red) 

Paperback. Richly illustrated. 306 pp. SPA-uitgevers. Zwolle. 2009. 

Eighteen contributions about the roman material culture, an interview with Jan Thijssen, a biography and a bibliography.


Harry van Enckevort
Jan Thijssen, entralled by archaeology

Peter Deurloo
Jan Thijssen, Vierlingsbeek revisited

Stefanie Hoss
A delicate vegetable: An asparagus knife-handle from the fort of Laurium (Woerden, NL)

Peter Schut
Two plugs of Roman taps from Wijchen-Tienakker (the Netherlands)

Sofie Vanhoutte
Brooch production at the Roman fort of Oudenburg (Belgium) in the later 3rd century A.D.
Annelies Koster
A Merovingian purse mount or firesteel from the Nijmegen-West cemetery
Eugene Ball & Ronnie Meijers
A cloisonné-decorated sword-sheath binding from Lent (the Netherlands)
Peter van den Broeke
Gathering wood in Nijmegen-Oosterhout. Carved objects from a native Roman settlement

Jos Deeben & Tessa de Groot
The Protection and Conservation of Roman Monuments as material culture

Clive Bridger
Anyone for Tea? An unusual Roman pottery vessel from Moers-Asciburgium

Louis Swinkels
Hercules and the Muses on a terra sigillata cup from Nijmegen
Harry van Enckevort
Hemispherical cups from the early Roman harbour Velsen 1 (NL). North Italian black eggshell ware and mould-decorated South Gaulish colour-coated Hermet
9 cups
Constanze Höpken
In Tongeren verpackt? Drei Transportgefäße aus dem Flotenlager Köln Alteburg

Henk A. Hiddink
Pottery of the late 2nd and the 3rd century A.D. in the cover-sand area of the Southeastern Netherlands. An evaluation of problems and possibilities
Angela Collins, Harry van Enckevort & Joep Hendriks
A grey area between the Batavians and the Romans. Wheel-thrown domestic pottery in the civitas Batavorum

Marco Vermunt, Wim De Clercq & Patrick Degryse
An extraordinary deposit. A Roman place of offering with miniature amphorae in Bergen op Zoom

Elly Heirbout
The pottery from two Roman wells on the Wijnegem steenakker site (province of Antwerp, Belgium)

Martin Müller & Norbert Zieling
Zwei römische Brandgräber aus der Insula 18 der Colonia Ulpia Traiana (Xanten)

Ben Teubner & Wim Tuyn, with a contribution by Liesbeth Smits The Roman cemetery on the Galgenberg at Wijchen (province of Gelderland)
Glenn Story
Verum Vas Arretinum, or Ex Experimento Omnia Consequntur: The Marketing and Scientific Strategies of Josiah Wedgwood and Possible Analogies to the Ancient Roman Pottery Industry

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