Pieces of eight. More Archaeology of piracy.

Ewen, Ch. R., R.K. Skowronek (eds)

Hardcover. 318 pp. Illustrated in b/w. University Press of Florida 2016

Going back to the "queen Anne's Revenge," La Salles's "la Belle," and adding the newest finds from Captain Kidd's "cara Merchant of Quedagh" and captain Henry Morgan's encampments, this volume reveals new discoveries and new ways of looking at the archaeology of pirates.

Anyone interested in historical archaeology, seafaring, and of course, piracy on the high seas as well as on land will enjoy this book.
This book shows that the piracy of our century had the same economic impact and reasons for being as piracy does today. Pirates, along with their dreams and the dreams of those affected by pirate actions, are brought to light through a series of marvelously written, impeccably researched chapters
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