(Artikelnr: 9780714128269)

Jonathan Bate, Dora Thornton

Paperback  96 pp. Very richly illustrated. British Museum Press 2012

From the common playgoers to the royal patrons, this book explores Britain from the perspective of Shakespeare's audience – revealing how the significant issues of the day were explored at the playhouse through objects and quotations from Shakespeare's plays.

This is a lavishly illustrated gift book that introduces the idea of Britain from the perspective of Shakespeare's audiences, and shows how the writer's plays reveal much about the country in which he lived – from issues of region and nation to witchcraft and conspiracy. The reader will be taken to the heart of Shakespeare's plays through the pairing of quotations with a wide range of beautiful and intriguing objects.

A perfect gift for all those interested not only in Shakespeare, but also in history, art, literature and drama.

Published to accompany a major exhibition at the British museum (19 July –25 November 2012), part of the Cultural Olympiad and the World Shakespeare festival.

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