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The Classical Cookbook. 

Andrew Dalby, Sally Grainger. 

Paperback 176 pp. British Museum Press. 

"The major Roman culinary text, Apicius on Cookery, contains such dubious delicacies as larks' tongue, sterile sows' wombs, dormice; a plethora of birds, warblers, parrots, turtle doves, peacocks, flamingos; sea food such as sea urchins, porpoises, jellyfish. Other sources mention camel hoof and cockerel combs. They are all delightfully exotic and suit the stereotype of the decadent Roman gourmet who chose the most bizarre of foods because they were rare and expensive and fashionable, quite forgetting about taste. By contrast we have concentrated in this book on foods that are available in northern Europe and are worth the attention of a modern cook. These recipes deserve to be used and are intended to be used."
Sally Grainger
br>An updated edition of this best-selling cookbook, which was the first to explore the menus and manners of ancient Greece and Rome. Featuring fifty recipes from every strata of classical civilization, this book covers everything from wedding feasts and lavish banquets to street food and simple meals, with step-by-step adaptations for the modern cook. The recipes are placed beside descriptions of household life and festivity from across the classical world to conjure the tastes, smells, sights and sounds of daily life, which is complemented by the illustrations throughout with scenes of food, hunting, feasting and carousing from wall paintings, mosaics and Greek vases. A perfect gift for cooking enthusiasts, classicists or anyone with an interest in food history.

The authors: Andrew Dalby is a classics scholar, linguist and food historian. Sally Grainger was a professional chef with a degree in Ancient History who is now a food historian, specializing in Roman food and ancient baking techniques.

Andrew Dalby,  Sally Grainger 
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