Heritage Fruits and Vegetables

Musgrave, T.

Hardback, 224 pp, Very richly illustated with photographs by Clay Perry,
Thames and Hudson 2012

Many of our traditional fruit and vegetable varieties are disappearing fast, a catastrophic loss of horticultural heritage and genetic diversity. But dedicated growers and organizations around the world are seeking to rediscover the older varieties, with their fascinating stories and significant advantages over newer cultivars.

Presented by season for growers and seasonally minded cooks, this book introduces heritage fruits and vegetables in entertaining stories and rich photographic detail. No one interested in food, plant cultivation or history will fail to be captivated by this glorious tribute to the food we so often take for granted.

• A sumptuous celebration in words and photographs of the fascinating riches of heritage fruits and vegetables
• Full descriptions of each type include stories about their origins, development, the reception they received upon introduction and folklore associated with them
• Beautifully composed photographs highlight all the unusual colours, shapes and textures of heritage varieties
• Published in collaboration with the Royal Horticultural Society, the UK’s leading gardening charity and authority on horticulture and plants

Toby Musgrave is the author of many books on plants and gardening, including The Head Gardeners and Cottage Gardens.

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