A 14th-Century Pottery Site in Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey:  
Excavations at 70-76 Eden Street 

Miller, P, 

Paperback, 54p, 51 figs, 15 tables MOLAS (1999) 

This clearly presented report, a feature of the MoLAS publications, records the excavations at Kingston upon Thames which exposed four 14th century medieval Surrey Whiteware kilns. All were disturbed by later activity, though one was relatively well preserved. The kilns were dug directly into the natural brickearth and lined with a mixture of brickearth and straw.

A substantial quantity of Kingston-type Surrey whiteware pottery waster material was recovered from kiln interiors, stoking pits and waster pits, including many intact vessels, dating from 1300-1400. This assemblage has made an important contribution to the variety of forms known to have been produced in Kingston-type ware; to the dating of some previously known forms, and to our understanding of the development of kiln technology. 

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