Late Iron Age Gold Hoards from the Low Countries and the Caesarian Conquest of Northern Gaul

Roymans, N., G. Creemers, S. Scheers.

Harde kaft, gebonden. 248 pp. Rijk geïllustreerd. In English. Amsterdam Archaeological Studies 18. Amsterdam University Press 2012. 

This richly illustrated volume, part of theAmsterdam Archaeological Studies series, analyzes eight newly discovered Celtic gold hoards unearthed in the southern Netherlands and Belgium, consisting of both gold coinage and ornaments. This comparative study of these caches provides a wealth of new information regarding the archaeological contexts in which they were found, on the dating of many coin types and jewelry, and on the social role of gold in pre-Roman society. Late Iron Age Gold Hoards from the Low Countries will be of utmost interest not only to archaeologists, it is also an important study for numismatists and historians.

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