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Martin Carruthers, Carol van Driel-Murray, Andrew Gardner, Jason Lucas, Louise Revell and Ellen Swift (eds)

Paperback, 124p, b/w illus, tbs, maps (Oxbow Books 2002)

A selection of eleven papers from the eleventh annual Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference; these papers are representative of the broad range of Roman archaeology today, and share a commitment to a theoretically informed approach to the subject. 
Considering Continuity of Deposition on Votive Sites in Northeastern France from 200 BC to AD 100 (Imogen Wellington)
Pots for Cash? A Critique of the Role of the 'Free Market' in the Late Roman Economy (James Gerrard)
A Topography of Death: The Buildings of the Emperor Maxentius on the Via Appia, Rome (Lorraine Kerr)
Consumer Theory and Roman North Africa: A Post-colonial Approach to the Ancient Economy (Garrick Fincham)
Wolves' Nipples and Otters' Noses? Rural Foodways in Roman Britain (Gillian Hawkes)
Material Culture Patterns and Cultural Change in South-West Britain (Jason Lucas)
Acculturation and the Temporal Features of Ritual Action (Jan Weeks)
Celts, Romans and the Coligny Calendar (Cathy Swift)
Regarding the Stars (Carol van Driel-Murray)
Measuring Time and Inventing Histories in the Early Empire: Roman and Germanic Perspectives (Maureen Carroll)
The Metaphoric Movement: Mythological and Heroic Narratives on Roman Sarcophagi (Inge Lyse Hansen

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