William S. Hanson

Paperback, 159p, 77 b/w figs, 26 col pls, 2 tbs (Tempus 2008)

Oxbow says:
In 1979 aerial reconnaisance revealed the location of a Roman fort near Dalkeith in Lothian region of Scotland which, upon further investigation, proved to be the most northerly known Flavian fort on Dere Street. This timber-built auxiliary fort which housed Roman cavalrymen, was in use in the 1st century AD and was part of a period of consolidation in the region when forts and fortlets were constructed on important routeways and river crossings. This book tells the story of Elginhaugh from its discovery and excavation to the interpretation of the evidence revealed, as well as its impact on the local environment and population, and what happened once the army had left. Further discussion is presented on how the fort was built, maintained and garrisoned, how it functioned as a base for the cavalry, and what daily life was like in the fort, glimpsed through the finds recovered, including a rather remarkable coin hoard. 

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