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English Cathedrals
A history

Stanford E. Lehmberg

Paperback, 319p, 8 col pls (Hambledon and London 2005)

While the majority of England's great monastic edifices were levelled at the very beginning of the modern age, many cathedrals survive as monuments to the genius of medieval sacred architecture.
This excellent history of the cathedrals of England and Wales not only examines their architectural features but also their role as centres for religion, education and the arts. Stanford Lehmberg searches for those aspects which make English cathedrals stand out from those of France and elsewhere in Europe.

Instead of focusing on specific cathedrals, the book presents a more general, although detailed, history of cathedrals from the foundation of Canterbury at the very end of the 6th century. Lehmberg searches for remnants of Norman work, perhaps seen at its best in Lincoln and Gloucester Cathedrals, while Wells and Salisbury Cathedrals display the elegance of the Early English style. The study examines each architectural phase of cathedral building in turn, also looking at internal features such as tombs and stained glass, through the Reformation and Elizabethan years to the present day.
It discusses the impact of successive Catholic and Protestant reforms, as well as the Civil War, daily life in the cathedrals and their role in parish affairs. With minimal notes confined to the back, this is a wonderful history for anyone who enjoys visiting some of England's greatest architectural and historical treasures.

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