Cooking and Dining in Tudor and Early Stuart England

Brears, P.

Hardback with dustjacket. 670 pp. Illustrated in b/w. Prospect Books 2015.

​The first volume of Peter Brears’ history of English cookery covered the Middle Ages. It was so good that it won outright the André Simon Award for the best food book of 2009. This will be even better. It treats of an heroic period in English history when new foods were reaching our shores from the New World, and new styles of cooking were being adopted from France and Italy. Even more important, it’s a period that has barely been touched upon by previous accounts.
What is unique about Brears’ book is that he combines an account of the cookery with a close look at the practical arrangements, the kitchens and dininghalls, where that food was cooked and consumed. His prose is enlivened by his drawings – as accurate as can be – which lay bare to the modern reader just what was going on in places like Hampton Court palace, as well as in humbler homes throughout the land.

There are plenty of recipes for those who like to try things for themselves, all properly tested by the author, who is a historic food consultant to TV and country house owners.
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