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Excavations at Dorestad 4. The Settlement on the River Bank Area. 

W.A. van Es, van, W.A. W.J.H. Verwers, C. Isings

Harde kaft. 469 pp. Very richly illustrated. Second vol  with maps. Nederlandse Oudheden 18 RCE 2015.

This is the third volume of the excavation report. Together with the two earlier ones it gives an idea of the lay-out and scale of activities in this busy Carolingian riverport.
In its flourishing period between AD 750 and 850 the town, situated on the rivers Rhine and Lek, became the economic centre of the northern part of Charlemagne's empire. Its prosperity attracted the Vikings and from 834 onwards the town suffered repeated plundering. 
Danish princes reigned over Dorestad and its region. This and other, mainly political causes resulted in Dorestads gradual decline. At about AD 900 its name had changed into Wijk, wich nowadays is called Wijk bij Duurstede.

  1. The Excavations
  2. The settlement traces
  3. Specimen areas
  4. Buildings and wells, The spatial structure of Dorestad
  5. The cemetery on De Heul
  6. The use of the Dorestad site
  7. The Dorestad area
  8. The history of Dorestad: conclusions and hypotheses
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