Mediterranean Maiolica

Attard, R., R. Azzopardi

Hardcover with dust jacket. 208 pp. Very richly illustrated. Schiffer 2011

​The furnaces of Caltagirone (Sicily) and Deruta (Tuscany) have produced pots that are worth their weight in gold today. These and their resplendent lusterware cousins of Manises and Valencia (Spain) are in demand on the collectors' market.
This book features hundreds of photos of authentic Maiolica from the high period and catalogs reproductions from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, giving readers "the whole picture." Since the nineteenth century, Maiolica has been faked with a passion and naïve collectors are easily beguiled. This valuable resource describes the history of the production and use of Maiolica as well as the history of collecting Maiolica. Also included are a price guide and resources for collectors and dealers
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