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Trade, diplomacy and cultural exchange. Trade, diplomacy and cultural exchange. Continuity and change in the North Sea area and the Baltic c. 1350-1750

Brand, H.

Paperback. 248 pp. Geïllustreerd. Groninger Hanze Studies 1. Uitgeverij Verloren 2006

​Commercial relations between the North Sea area and the Baltic contributed in a fundamental way to Holland's economic dominance in the seventeenth century. They were embedded in a region where numerous expressions of a common culture facilitated the mobility of people and commodities or the spreading of tastes and ideas.
The German Hansa played a very important role in this process, but also after its decline, economic contacts between the North Sea region and the Baltic continued and with them a prolonged process of cultural interaction.
This volume describes the interconnections of the various aspects of the common economic culture in the region between ca. 1350 and 1750.

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