The Dynamics of Economic Culture in the North Sea- and Baltic Region in the Late Middle Ages and Early Modern Period (ca 1250-1700)

Brand, H., Müller L.

Paperback, 254 pp. Geïllustreerd. Groninger Hanze Studies 2. Uitgeverij Verloren 2007.

This volume is a result of an international project encompassing junior- and senior researchers from universities in Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands.
The papers presented here focus on various spin-off effects of international trade in the North Sea and Baltic Region in the Late Medieval and Early Modern Period. With several long term perspectives on state formation and corporative structures in the region included, 14 papers pay attention to a wide range of topics related to the characteristics and effects of market integration, migration, fisheries, seafaring, war and diplomacy. With its focus put on changing relations and patterns of interaction, the volume offers valuable insights in the dynamics of economic culture during the thirteenth-eighteenth centuries.
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