Burl, A.

Paperback. 64 pp. Richly illustrated. Shire Archaeology 9. Shire 2005.

This book explains the history and the facts known about them, and shows how we are gradually coming to an understanding of the significance these gaunt, grey circles had to their builders.

List of illustrations.
Note on dates.
Preface to the Fourth edition.
 1: Introduction.
 2: The Origins of Stone Circles.
 3: Early Stone Circles: Late Neolithic Age, c.3650-2900-BC.
 4: The Megalithic Enclosures of Brittany.
 5: The Middle Period: Late Neolithic to Early Bronze Age, c. 2900-2200 BC.
 6: Late Stone Circles: Early to middle Bronze Age, c.2200-1500.
 7: Stonehenge: c. 3000-1500 BC
 8: Current Work on Stone Circles.
 9: Sites to Visit.
10: Further Reading.

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