Viner, D.

Paperback. 64 pp. Very richly illustrated in b/w. Shire Lirary 467. Shire 2008.

The slow-paced wagons and carts of yesteryear can provide clues into the way past rural communities lived and worked. The varying landscape of the British Isles created different agricultural demands, and this is reflected in the extremely localized design and craftsmanship of pastoral vehicles. This book explores the origins of wagon design, and describes the specific uses of these vehicles across Britain, drawing on a wide range of colloquial words, and providing a list of places where surviving wagons and carts can be found. Detailed line drawings and photographs complete this nostalgic account of regional diversity in a bygone age.

Origins and Function.
The cart.
The Wagon.
Box Wagons.
Bow wagons.
Boats, Barges and Trolleys.
Further reading.
Where to see Wagons and Carts.
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