Discovering Oil Lamps 

Meadows, C.A.

Paperback. 48 pp. Richly  illustrated in b/w. Discovering 145. Shire (2008, 2016) 

This book traces the evolution of oil lighting and places on record details of the many fine lamps which served our forebears so well. A great many of these lamps survive today, though much of the knowledge about them has disappeared. Owing to the interest in Victoriana, they now appear in antique shops at prices that would have been considered fantastic not so long ago. Whether the reader is a collector, a seller of lamps or is just interested in this fascinating subject, this book will help to fill some of the gaps in his knowledge of oil lighting

Primitive and early lamps.
Rushlights and candles.
Paraffin lamps.
Industrial and marine oil lighting.
Illustrations of oil lamps and spare parts.

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