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Europe's Cultural Landscape: archaeologists and the management of change

Fairclough, G., S. Rippon (eds)

Hardcover. 234 pp. illustrated. EAC Occasional Papers 2. EAC 2002

Contents:Part I: Contexts and concepts
- G. Faairclough, Europe's landscape: archaeology, sustainability and agriculture
- M. Déjeant-Pons, The European Landscape Convention, Florence
- G. Fairclough, Archaeologists and the European Landscape Convention

Part II: Understanding and characterising the cultural landscape
- G. Cooney/T. Condit/E. Byrnes, The Archaeological Landscape Project: an approach to            cultural landscapes in Ireland
- E. van Beusekom, Historic landscapes in the Netherlands
- D. Hallewas, The Belvedere Project: an integrated approach in the Netherlands
- I. Stoumann, Archaeology and the cultural environment: an example from the Danish Wadden Sea Region
- G. Fairclough/G. Lambrick/D. Hopkins, Historic Landscape Characterisation in England               and a Hampshire case study
- P. Dixon/R. Hingley, Historic land-use assessment in Scottland

Part III: Managing change, making the future
- J. H. F. Bloemers, Past- and future-oriented archaeology: protecting and developing the               archaeological-historical landscape in the Netherlands
- J. Darlington, Mapping Lancashire's historic landscape: the Lancashire Historic Landscape         Characterisation programme
- A. Kraut, European Cultural Paths: a model of co-operation between archaeologists for the         management and preservation of cultural landscapes
- C. Foley, The contribution of agricultural support measures to protecting the archaeological         heritage of Northern Ireland
- P. Szpanowski, Before and After the Change: the social-economic transition period and its         impact on the agriculture and cultural landscape of Poland
- P. V. Castro/R. W. Chapman/T. Escoriza/S. Gili/V. Lull/R. Micó/C. R. Herrada/R. Risch/M.         E. Sanahuja Yll/P. Verhagen, Archaeology in the south east of the Iberian Peninsula: a         bridge between Past and future social spaces
- J. Nord Paulsson, Raising awareness and managing change: the cultural landscape of the           Bjäre peninsula, Sweden
- J. Coles, Rock carvings, cultural landscapes and management issues: case studies from           Sweden
- M. Urtane, The Abava Valley: archaeological heritage and landscape planning in Latvia
- G. Ermischer, Spessart goes Europe: the historic landscape characterisation of a German         upland region
- Examples of current national approaches
-- C. Dunning, Switzerland
-- L. Macinnes, Scotland
-- N. V. Oliveira/C. Tente, Portugal
-- M. Urtane/J. Urtans, Latvia
-- L. Krušinová, The Czech Republic

Part 4: Other ways of perceivig cultural landscape
- D. Gwyn, Associative landscape in a Welsh context
- E. Lee, Cultural Connections to the land: a Canadian example

  Part 5: Conclusions
- G. Fairclough/S. Rippon, Conclusion: archaeological managment of Europe's cultural landscape
- G. Fairclough, EAC Strategy for the European Landscape
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