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Vormen uit Vuur 2005/2-3 191/192

Paperback, 128 pp

C.J.A. (Christiaan) Jörg.
Foreword in: 'History of collecting Oriental Ceramics in East and West'

R.E. (Rosemary) Scott.
Ceramics in the Chinese Imperial Collections

J.B. (Julia) Curtis.
'The Mouse of the Great Void' Speaks: Random Thoughts on Patterns of Collecting among the Ming and Early Qing Gentry

H. (Hiroko) Nishida.
Collecting Chinese Ceramics in Japan

R. (Regina) Krahl.
China Ships and Porcelain Rooms: Collecting Chinese Ceramics in the Middle East

E. (Eva) Ströber.
Representation and Taste in Baroque Court Culture: the Porcelain Collection of Augustus the Strong

W.R. (William) Sargent.
'… it is proposed to make a Cabinet': Building the Asian Export Ceramic Collection of the Peabody Essex Museum

J. (Jan) van Campen.
The Rijksmuseum and the Collecting of Chinese Ceramics in the Nineteenth Century

O.R. (Oliver) Impey.
The Collecting of Japanese Art in Britain in the Twentieth Century

J. (Judith) Green.
Ancient China/Modern Art

R. (Rose) Kerr.
Bernard Rackham: A Life in Ceramics

C.J.A. (Christiaan) Jörg.
From the Past to the Future
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