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People of the Long Barrows. Life, Death and Burial in the Earlier Neolithic

Smith, M., M. Brickley

Paperback. 192 pp. Illustrated. The History Press 2009

"Much has been written about the origins of the barrows themselves, but in this book Martin Smith and Megan Brickley bring their combined experience of biological and forensic anthropology to study the barrow builders themselves. Through patient analysis of data from across Europe they reconstruct the life and death of the long barrow people. They examine how the excavated remains came to be as they were found, who excactly ended up in a long barrow, and how their bodies were treated during burial rituals. This leads to suggestions of the population in life, the demography of barrow-using communities, and their health and diet. Rather than being peaceful farmers, the people of the long barrows lived largely as mobile herders, at times plagued by warfare and frequently absorbed with drawn-out rituals associated with the dead.
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