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Celtic Fortificatios

Ralston, I.

​Paperback. 224 pp. Illustrated. The History Press 2013

Iron Age hillforts are some of the most dramatic and enduring remains of our prehistoric past, found across Britain and Europe. This guide to Iron Age hillforts draws on archaeological evidence and limited literary sources to explore the building and function of these major feats of construction and engineering. The chapters explore, in turn, the construction, maintenance, repair, modification and reconstruction of hillforts, their architecture and siting in the landscape. Ian Ralston then focuses on their purpose, raising the debate over their effectiveness as defences in war versus their symbolic properties, and examines the physical evidence for violence, death and destruction. Although a number of case studies are cited throughout, a gazetteer of twenty sites in Spain, France, Belgium, Switzerland, England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales, completes this excellent study.
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