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Ethnic Constructs in Antiquity: The Role of Power and Tradition

Ton Derks en Nico Roymans (eds)

Hardcover. 368 pp. Illustrated. English.Amsterdam Archaeological Studies 13.
Amsterdam University Press. 2009

This bold and original volume explores themes of ethnicity and ethnogenesis in the societies of the ancient world. It starts with a current view held by many in the social and historical sciences, namely that ethnicity is a subjective concept shaped through an interaction with the ethnic other. The thirteen essays collected here analyze historical, epigraphic, and archaeological source material in order to consider the dynamic nature of ethnic formations over time, and range thematically from archaic Greece to early medieval Western Europe.

Uit dertien casestudies – van gebieden uiteenlopend van het Archaïsch Griekenland tot het vroegmiddeleeuws West-Europa – blijkt dat etnische identiteiten verbonden zijn met een traditiedragende kern in de samenleving, maar tegelijk onderhevig zijn aan een dynamiek die vaak bepaald wordt door veranderende machtsconfiguraties.

Nico Roymans is hoogleraar in de West-Europese archeologie aan de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam. Hij is auteur van het boek Ethnic identity and imperial power. The Batavians in the Early Roman Empire en Villa Landscapes in the Roman North

Ton Derks is wetenschappelijk medewerker voor Romeinse archeologie aan de Vrije Universiteit te Amsterdam. Hij is auteur van het boek Gods, temples and ritual practices in Roman Gaul en samen met Nico Roymans auteur van Ethnic identity and imperial power en Villa Landscapes in the Roman North

The papers in this book represent some of the latest thinking about the ways in which material culture has been used to construct and express identity. The authors develop case studies ranging from early Archaic Greece to early medieval Frisia to examine theoretical propositions about archaeological and historical approaches to identity. Papers also address related issues such as language, myth, and migration. The book will be valuable to scholars and students both for its treatment of theory and for its detailed analyses of specific cultural contexts.


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