Ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine Costume

Houston, M.G.

Paperback. 182 pp. Richly illustreted in b/w. Dover Publishing 2003.

Included are elaborate examples of Aegean costume, Doric and Ionic styles of dress for women, Greek and Roman armor, graceful and intricately arranged Roman togas, more. Ornate vestments of the Eastern Orthodox Church and Byzantine costumes are carefully described and portrayed as are styles of hairdressing, jewelry, and other decorative elements. 315 black-and-white illustrations.
The volume also includes instructions and flat patterns showing the cut of sample garments, making it easy for costume designers to reproduce period apparel. This book will be invaluable, as well, to costume historians and art students interested in the development of representative art.
Reprint of the Adam & Charles Black, London, 1947 edition.
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