The Book of Old Ships. From the Egyptian Galleys to Clipper Ships. 

Culver, H. B.

Paperback. 236 pp. Illustrated in B/W. Reprint of The Book of Old Ships: and Something of Their Evolution and Romance 1924.Dover Publishing 1992.

In this classic review, noted maritime artist Gordon Grant has created 80 magnificent line illustrations of some of history's most important sailing ships, beginning with a graceful Egyptian galley (c. 1600 BC) and ending with a splendid five-masted clipper of 1921.

Some of the other depicted vessels are: a Roman trireme,a Viking Longship, a caravel, an East Indiaman, a brigantine, a whaling bark, a galleas, a carrack, a buss, and a flute.
Henry B. Culver has provided a detailed meticulously text for each vessel.
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