The Roman Textile Industry and its influence 

P. Walton Rogers, L. Bender Jorgensen and A. Rast-Eicher

Paperback, 200 pp. 6 plates. Illustrated. reprint 2014. Oxbow Books

Textiles were a hugely important Roman industry yet, because of their perishable nature, only fragments remain. These twenty-two essays provide a detailed study of surviving fragments from across the Roman world, from the dry sands of Egypt to the Atlantic coast and the northern frontiers and beyond.
The result is a comprehensive reconstruction of both everyday and exotic Roman clothing with information about the influences of fashion and of Roman weaving techniques.

Written by friends and colleagues, the contributions are offered as a tribute to John Peter Wild whose own studies of Roman textiles have been the inspiration of so much recent work.

       Roman Egypt and Nubia
1. Mons Claudianus: investigating Roman textiles in the desert Lise Bender Jogensen and Ulla Mannering
2. On the road to Berenike: a piece of tunic in damask weave from Didymoi Dominique Cardon
3. Two wide-sleeved linen tunics from Roman Egypt Frances Pritchard and Christ Verhecken-Lammens
4. Varia romana: textiles from a Roman army dump Nettie K. Adams and Elisabeth Crowfoot
5. Goat-hair textiles from Karanis, Egypt Jane Batcheller
Contact with Asia
6. Two resist-dyed cottons recently found at Karadong, Xinjiang, (3rd centuary AD) Sophie Desrosiers, Corinne Debaine-Francfort and Abdurassul Idriss
7. A re-consideration of the human-figure emblems excavated in the at-Tar Caves in Iraq Kazuko Sakamoto
8. Was there Greek or Roman influence on Sasanian women's clothing? Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood
       Europe, inside and outside the Frontier
9. Recent discoveries of gold textiles from Augustan Age Gadir (Cadiz) Carmen Alfaro Giner
10. Roman textiles in Switzerland Antoinette Rast-Eicher
11. Beyond the Empire: an Irish mantle and cloak Elizabeth Wincott Heckett
12. The Orkney hood, re-dated and recnsidered Thea Gabra-Sanders
13. Recent textile finds of the Roman period in Poland Jerzy Maik
14. The early Alamanni: the start of a new textile project Johanna Banck-Burgess
15. Recent analysis of the textiles from Bokener Moor and Vaaler Moor, Germany Klaus Tidow
16. A typical costume of te North German Iron Age? Some observations during conservation of the Bernuthsfeld 'plaid'
       Later Strands
17. From the Roman horizontal loom to the 3/1 twill damask loom of the early medieval period Daniel De Jonghe
18. A previously unrecognised Lion Silk at Canterbury Anne Muthesius
19. The re-appearance of an old Roman loom in medieval England Penelope Walton Rogers
20. Where are the Romans? Classical influences on women's fashionable dress from the late eighteenth to the twentieth century Naomi Tarrant
21. The contribution of experimental archaeology to the research of ancient textiles Elizabeth Peacock
John Peter Wild: a bibliography


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