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De-IJsselkogge De IJsselkogge

Hanzeverleden boven water 
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Dredgers-and-Archaeology Dredgers and Archaeology

​​​​​​​Shipfinds from the Slufter 
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Een-romeinse-Rijnaak-gevonden-in-Utrecht-de-Meern Een romeinse Rijnaak, gevonden in Utrecht-de Meern

Resultaten van het onderzoek naar de platbodem 'De Meern 1' RAM 144
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For-Future-Generations:-Conservation-of-a-Tudor-Maritime-Collection-Mary-Rose-Volume-Fiveby-Mark-Jones For Future Generations: Conservation of a Tudor Maritime Collection, Mary Rose Volume Fiveby Mark Jones

Mary Rose Volume Five.
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Investigating-the-Maritime-History-of-Rotherhithe.-MoLAS--series-11 Investigating the Maritime History of Rotherhithe. MoLAS series 11

The findings at Pacific Wharf provide important insights into post-medieval woodworking techniques, and other key aspects of ship-building technology.
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Ladby:-A-Danish-Ship-grave-from-the-Viking-Age Ladby: A Danish Ship-grave from the Viking Age

Ladby: A Danish Ship-grave from the Viking Age Ships and Boats of the North 3  Sorensen, A.C.  Hardback, 293 pp Richly illustrated. Viking Ship Museum, Roskilde 2001 About the histor...
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Newport-Medieval-Ship:-A-Guide Newport Medieval Ship: A Guide

Newport Medieval Ship: A Guide Brett, B. (ed)  Paperback. 40 pp. Illustrated. Friends of the Newport Ship 2010  Introduction Excavation The ship The finds Fixtures and Fittings d...
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Underwater-Archaeology-PB Underwater Archaeology PB

The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice. Advice on legal issues, safety, surveying, recording and photographing finds, conservation, and publishing work.
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Underwater-Archaeology.-Exploring-the-World-Beneath-the-Sea Underwater Archaeology. Exploring the World Beneath the Sea

With stunning illustrations, this book highlights not only the danger and excitement but also the painstaking research involved in exploring our unique underwater heritage.
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Underwater-Archaeology Underwater Archaeology

Underwater Archaeology PB The NAS Guide to Principles and Practice.  Bowens, A. (ed)  Paperback. 226pp. b/w illus col pls. Second edition. Blackwell 2008. A detailed practical guide ...
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Wereldvondsten-uit-een-Hollands-schip Wereldvondsten uit een Hollands schip

Basisrapportage BZN17/Palmhoutwrak
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